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Eat for Stay

For over 30 years only for corporations and business clubs, today also accessible for us.

Breaking news despre inovațiile în turismul on-line realizate de Fireflies. Practic Fireflies 2.0.

O inovație unică în turismul on line și în marketingul de rețea: Linia de forță. Este ca și cum cineva din afara afacerii tale îți face 40% din treaba ta. Vizionează filmulețul și vei înțelege mai bine importanța liniei de forță.

Despre o comunitate de călători, cu circuit închis, care permite să pleci în vacanța la tarife de furnizori, fără comisioane și taxe ascunse. Iar dacă depășești statul de turist și vrei să câștigi bani din industria turismului, îți pune la dispoziție o platformă de travel on-line, cu una dintre cele mai mari baze de hoteluri din lume, practic propria ta agenție de turism on-line.

A unique innovation in online tourism. You buy a special holiday, once a year, say 10 days in Mauritius. The holiday is at the market price, but when you check-in at the accommodation, you receive from Fireflies, in your account, in the form of BPOs and VIP Vouchers, a minimum of 40% of the cost of your holiday. This is unique Discount Pass of Fireflies.

About a closed-loop travel community that allows you to vacation at supplier rates, with no commissions or hidden fees. And if you go beyond the tourist status and want to earn money from the tourism industry, it provides you with an online travel platform, with one of the largest hotel databases in the world, practically your own online travel agency.

A unique innovation in online tourism and network marketing: Line of Power. It’s like having someone outside of your business do 40% of your work for you. To grow in your career you need points, which mean higher direct and indirect commissions. Fireflies products generate points, and no matter who buys the products, old or new partners, their points will accumulate, in line of force, under you. And you will benefit from their points, while you are in the line of force. The video material explains very well how it works.